1. Which website provides the most accurate MMR?

    • There is no number-calculating method given officially by Riot Games, and none of the other MMR-speculating websites use our numbers. Every calculation is based on assumptions.
    • Each and every MMR-providing websites has a different inner-algorithm used to speculate the numbers; and does not share its methods with the other.
    • We try our best to express summoners' abilities with numbers by reflecting on their past ratings, and to do so by updating our algorithms more than twenty times per two months.
  2. My MMR has decreased by itself.

    • The MMR is a merely relative calculation; thus, improvements of competency among other players can lead to a decrease in your number.
    • This system accords its numbers to the tiers/ranks of recently-played opponents, so when their tiers/ranks change, your MMR can also fluctuate.
  3. MMR does not change.

    • Since MMR values are based on recent game data, you need to click the 'Renew' button in order to see your new MR value.
  4. It says my MMR cannot be found, even though I have played more than 100 ranked games.

    • MMR indicates your skills and abilities. You will get better as time elapses, but what we want to know is your current skills. Thus, this MMR is based on the recent data, not the past ones. In other words, it does not matter whether you have played 10 matches or 300 matches so far. You must have many recent games to check your MMR.
    • You will get the most accurate data if you try again after playing 5 to 10 solo-queue ranked games.
  5. Show me my MMR

  6. Why is my MMR so low?

    • MMR displays your skill level. It could be due to low skill level.
  7. I've won 5 consecutive games, why isn't my MMR being modified?

    • The number of wins/losses does not matter. MMR is a relative calculation that may be modified from improvement in algorithm. It can be either rise or fall. :)
    • Indeed, your MMR will increase if you do win a lot, yet it does not mean that it will rise instantly. It gradually increases as you win and lose matches, so take your time and try your best.
  8. Summoner cannot be found.

    • You have to first search a summoner's name to register in our website. It will be automatically registered after searching on http://op.gg. Please try again after few minutes after the first search.
  9. Will my MMR be greatly affected if I duo with someone whose MMR differs greatly with mine?

    • No, it does not. Your MMR does not change if you were boosted up by your duo partner.